Beginner Bonsai TreeThis article will discuss the basic bonsai techniques that need to be mastered by bonsai artists. Regular pruning and maintenance of your bonsai tree is necessary to achieve the shape, form and overall look that you want your bonsai to have. By utilising and perfecting these bonsai techniques, with practice you will be able to turn an ordinary tree into a beautiful piece of bonsai art.

Wiring your bonsai allows you to manipulate the trunk and branches of your tree to your styling requirements. By temporarily securing a branch or the trunk of your bonsai in a specific position for a period of time, you can control how it grows in the future. The two main types of wire are aluminium and copper, the former being easier to bend and the latter providing a stronger hold of the trunk/branches. You can learn how to wire your bonsai correctly in our Bonsai Wiring for Beginners article.

Learning how to water your bonsai correctly is one of the most important skills for the bonsai enthusiast to learn. Giving a bonsai tree too much or too little water is the most common cause of damage and death to bonsai trees amongst beginners. Our article on Bonsai Watering explains how to water your bonsai tree properly and how much water to give it.

Potting and Re-Potting
Care should be take when choosing a bonsai pot, so that it's shape, style and colour fits perfectly with the overall image you want your bonsai to convey. Remember that the bonsai pot is a major part of your creation and is as important as the tree itself.

Bonsai trees need to be re-potted periodically (typically every year or two) so that the roots can be pruned and the compost replaced. Re-potting a bonsai may seem daunting at first but with practiceit does get easier. This video will show you how to re-pot your bonsai properly.

To achieve the shape and style that you desire from your bonsai tree, it is necessary to learn how to trim and prune. There are many rules/guidelines that beginners should follow when pruning their bonsai trees, and we are currently working on an article to explain these. In the meantime, take a look at this video for advice on pruning your bonsai.